March 1 – 31, 2022

Accept the Challenge!

  • The DEKA 358 Triad Challenge is a team challenge with 3 members per team.

  • There are 4 team options – Male, Female, Co-Ed (one female or more females in a team), and youth (10 – 13 years).

  • A minimum of one of the three teammates must be a member of the DEKA Affiliate Gym the team is representing.



  • Start the timer
  • Teammate 1 at Station 1:
    Box Jump/Step-Up Over (24”) x max reps.
  • Teammate 2 at Station 2:
    Ski Erg/Trainer x max meters.
  • Teammate 3 at Station 3:
    Dead Ball Shoulder Over (60/40) x max reps.
  • At every 1 minute mark teammates rotate zone stations and continue completing max reps/meters until 12 minutes are reached.  Transition flow is as follows – 1 goes to 2, 2 goes to 3, and 3 goes to 1.
  • During the 12 minute period each team member will hit each station a total of 4 times.



Box Jump/Step-Up Over – total reps completed by all team members

Ski Erg/Trainer – total meters completed by all team members divided by 10

Dead Ball Shoulder Ove – total reps completed by all team members

Add the 3 scores together for teams total score


2 judges required to count Box Jump/Step-Up Over & Dead Ball Shoulder Over reps and score the final result.


A rep that is started before the 1-minute timer sounds will be counted once it is completed. This is not considered cheating because it only means the person is on that station slightly longer than 1 minute and is losing time on the next station they are transitioning to. The only exception to this rule is the final rep of the 12th minute. A rep that’s started but not completed when the 12 minute timer sounds will not be counted. 

The total meters completed on the Ski are divided by 10 because it provides a score that matches well with the other two rep counts.  When dividing by 10, a final number with a .5 decimal or higher will be rounded up and a .4 or lower will be rounded down.

Teams in all 4 categories that finish on the podium (top 3) and qualify for prizes must provide video of the performance.  The camera must be positioned where all three stations can be viewed at the same time

PWR LIFT, The Official Protein Water of DEKA, will provide winners with a variety 12-pack, hat and t-shirt and the DEKA Affiliate who gets the most teams to participate (with times posted to the leaderboard) will receive a gold Spartan RAM Trophy.

“I love how DEKA truly tests my physical AND mental fitness, all while putting me in a competitive atmosphere. The energy of the other athletes pushing themselves helps motivate you to give it everything you’ve got! Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced- it’s you VS. you out there… nothing like DEKA!”

Renee Pickett, DEKA FIT Atlanta
March 19, 2022: Earn Your DEKA Mark in Denver, CO!


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April 2, 2022: Earn Your DEKA Mark in San Jose, CA!


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