DEKA launches in Mexico

Spartan DEKA partners with Club Futurama/Futurama Promotions, Inc. to launch DEKA in Mexico

Club Futurama/Futurama Promotions, Inc. is now an official DEKA licensee, leading the charge to build the DEKA affiliate base, run DEKA Road Shows, and execute DEKA FIT events in Mexico.

This partnership will create new opportunities for fitness business owners in Mexico to become official DEKA affiliates and host what is rapidly becoming an internationally recognized functional fitness test and competitive event designed for all levels of fitness. Additionally, as an official DEKA licensee, Club Futurama will facilitate large-scale DEKA FIT events that will qualify athletes for DEKA World Championships.

The next step in DEKA’s global expansion starts here

“The Spartan DEKA Team is excited to partner with the team at Club Futurama,” Yancy Culp, DEKA Co-Creator and Director of Sport says. “We’re confident their passion for bringing DEKA to Mexico is going to provide years of epic DEKA Affiliate gym events as well as large scale DEKA FIT events. Mexico, welcome to the DEKA family.”

With locations in Mexico City and Aguascalientes, Club Futurama is a multi-acre sports facility with 80+ activities for their members. According to Club Futurama President Javier Alverde, “Futurama can be the tool to bring innovation in sports to Mexico and have young and old be part of the excitement.”

Javier’s goal is to not only bring the full spectrum of DEKA events and experiences to Mexico, but to also bring DEKA to high school and collegiate athletes nationwide. “Let’s say, Apple gave computers to students, we give them competition!”

About Club Futurama

Club Futurama Mexico City was established in 1981 as a full sport and country club-style facility. They currently maintain two locations in Mexico featuring a combined 13 acres and 89 activities for their members. As an extension of Club Futurama, Futurama Promotions Inc. is leading the charge to bring fitness and sport innovation to Mexico for people of all ages. DEKA joins WFPF (World Free-Running Parkour Federation) and WCT (World Chase Tag) under the Futurama Promotions umbrella in Mexico.