2022 DEKA Lights Up NorCal!

At our very first DEKA FIT event in California, athletes from the age of 15 to 70 came together to earn their DEKA Marks.

The Team Heats at this event were a celebration of fitness that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. 

We want to give a special thank you to the high energy volunteers from the JERICHO PROJECT that helped make this event so special. Established in 1995, the Jericho Project is a treatment program for recovery from substance abuse and criminal behavior with the primary objective of recovery through development of the mind, body, and spirit. Big thanks to them and our other amazing volunteers for helping us create a memorable experience for all levels of fitness!

Here are more details of the event highlights: 

The Elite Heats: 

In the women’s elite category, Alicia Kuecker came in first with a DEKA FIT Mark of 36:27, followed by Haley Brogan (37:02) and Ryann Hierholzer (37:24). 

Watch the women’s elite heat ????.

In the men’s elite category, Cole Schwartz placed first with a DEKA FIT Mark of 31:51 followed by Anass Zouhry (32:23) and Jack Bauer (32:32). For the first time in DEKA history, an athlete that started in the second heat of elites placed second on the podium.

Watch the men’s elite heat ????

You can find all other results on the DEKA NorCal leaderboard

DEKA Team Heats

The energy during our team heats was off the rails exciting and we continue to get EPIC feedback from the competitors. Couples, friends, and training partners teamed up, split the work, and conquered the DEKA FIT course together.

At all our DEKA FIT events, you can race individually and then come back with a teammate later in the day or just divide and conquer the course with your teammate. Whatever you choose, we promise a GREAT time!

Congratulations to Kyle Hierholzer and Ryann Hierholzer of the team K&R Performance as they placed first in the Co-Ed Division with a DEKA Mark of 32:47, followed by Matthew Beckham and Jordyn Beckham of the team Yeah Beckhams (33:18) and Elia Figueroa and Cesar Figueroa of the team Figueroa (33:37). 

Haley Brogan and Alicia Kuecker of the team Haley and Alicia placed first in the Female Division with a DEKA Mark of 30:08, 

followed by Jane Go and Haylie Jones of the team Haylie and Jane (40:23) and Christina Gonzales and Carmina Garcia Magallanes of the team Next X (42:52). 

Brian Go and Frederick Strehlow of the team Kinda Fit Kind Fat placed first in the Male Division with a DEKA Mark of 35:04, followed by Chris Lee and Lyndon Macasiljig of the team CFWG (35:12) and Jorge Perez and Arturo Torres of the team La Vida Loca (36:42). 

DEKA Moments we love:

DEKA is for all ages and all levels of fitness! All you need is the courage to sign up and the will power to push through. Mike Elmore proved this by finishing 1st in the DEKA 70+ Age Group. This is what Mike said after earning his DEKA FIT mark:

“I had an Epiphany while participating in the DEKA FIT NorCal. When I participated in the Senior games everyone cheered extra for the athletes who were over 70. I did too. While I was participating in San Jose many people were cheering and watching me. Some were following me to the different stations. The event staff were watching me and knew when I would come into their station. One of the organizers ran with me for a little while to find out how old I was and ask my name. After I finished the staff came over to make sure I was ok and they gave me extra drinks. While I was walking around many people were coming up to me and congratulated me and said how great it was that I was able to complete the Deka Fit and what an accomplishment it was. Many of them asked how old I was. I even had this picture taken with a group of women who were following and watching me compete. When they had the awards ceremony I realized that I was that guy. The MC said that I was the only person in the 70 and over (I will be 70 this year) age group who had ever competed in DEKA FIT, so they never made a first place medal for 70 and over. When my name was called and the MC said my age, everyone cheered very loud. It was at that point I realized I was that guy. It was a very emotional experience to feel that support from the other athletes to be able to complete the same event that they could (at my age). I am very proud to be able to finish and I hope that my competing and finishing gives others inspiration and courage to compete in events like this. They are difficult but it can be done. This experience also gives me the courage and inspiration to keep competing. It is great to be that guy. ????????????

Join us in Anaheim for DEKA FIT SoCal!
May 21, 2022 in the Anaheim Convention Center


Qualify for 2022 DEKA World Championships!

DEKA FIT NorCal was the third of our 6 regional DEKA FIT events. The athletes of the Elite and Competitive with the top 12 DEKA FIT Marks of the qualifying season will be able to compete in the DEKA World Championships. 

This event will be 2 epic days for ALL levels of Fitness, where we will crown the 2022 champions for DEKA FIT, DEKA MILE and DEKA STRONG. Join us November 19 – 20 in Atlantic City, where you can compete, watch, and celebrate Fitness.