Why Special Guests Made DEKA FIT SoCal So Special

DEKA FIT SoCal was the biggest DEKA FIT event that we’ve ever hosted. Athletes from all over the country came together to compete and celebrate fitness. But DEKA FIT SoCal was not only special because it was the biggest event in DEKA history, it was so special because we had some VERY special guests.

#1 The Jericho Project

The volunteers from the JERICHO PROJECT, who already helped us during our last DEKA FIT event in San Jose, joined our crew once again and make this event so special. Established in 1995, the Jericho Project is a treatment program for recovery from substance abuse and criminal behavior with the primary objective of recovery through development of the mind, body, and spirit. Big thanks to them and our other amazing volunteers for helping us create a memorable experience for all levels of fitness:

DEKA FIT SoCal was awesome! I just want to say a huge thank you to the volunteers. They were SO empowering and really made all of the difference. We could not have made it through without them!

Allie, Anaheim, CA

#2 The Surprise Guest

Joe De Sena, CEO and founder of Spartan Race earned his first DEKA Mark Anaheim, CA:

“I loved it! It was challenging but everyone can do it if you commit to it. Even if you’re new to fitness or have been spending most of your life on the couch so far. We created DEKA we wanted to create a fitness test for all levels: from the elite athlete to somebody who’s new to fitness. That’s why I believe DEKA will be a game changer for us. We’re on a mission to change 100 million lives and DEKA and the DEKA Affiliate are essential to getting us there.”

Joe De Sena

Joe De Sena with our Start-line Emcee Justin

DEKA FIT Elite Heats

In the women’s category, Alyssa Hawley won the elite heat with a DEKA FIT Mark of 34:56, followed by Corinna Coffin (36:11) and Shannon Payne (36:37). 

In the men’s elite category, Anass Zouhry came in first with a DEKA FIT Mark of 31:02 followed by Christopher Woolley (31:18) and Glenn Racz (31:43). 

You can find all other results on the DEKA Global leaderboard

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