Spartan Up Your Fitness Business

3 easy ways to Spartan Up your fitness business – no strings attached!

Increase Revenue – Boost Member Engagement!


Our mission at Spartan is to positively impact 100 million lives through fitness. To do this we partner with fitness professionals and fitness facilities to improve lead generation, member engagement and revenue growth. Here’re 3 easy ways to level up your Fitness Business: 


#1 Host a DEKA Roadshow


You provide the space and we’ll set up online registration, bring the equipment, AND cut you a check for 25% of the event revenue!

The DEKA roadshow is a memorable fitness event where participants can test their fitness in 10 zones.

Hosting a DEKA Roadshow is a proven way to generate revenue and new leads. 

We provide:

  • all equipment
  • promotions on DEKA website & social channels
  • Trained staff
  • Registration Platform
  • Finisher Tees & Medals

You provide:

  • 10×5 meters of floor space
  • Volunteers to help with the event set-up & sanitization


#2 Host a Workout!

Hosting a workout with is a fun way to bring you new leads into the door. Spartan will send you one of our professional coaches to lead a 2-hour workout open to the public at your facility.

We provide:

  • An experienced coach
  • All equipment
  • Promotions on the Spartan website & social channels
  • Registration Platform

You provide:

  • 25 square feet/person

#3 Become a Spartan Coach

Become a certified Spartan coach with benefits you can pass along to your employees and members: 

  • 3 FREE event entries and 25% OFF additional event tickets
  • Spartan Hydration and Energy Samples
  • Event referral program
  • 1 Year of Spartan+ Membership
  • Fitness programming
  • Exclusive invitations to webinars and events
  • 20% OFF Spartan gear
  • 20% OFF the Spartan Season Pass

“DEKA brings excitement to our facility and it gets members motivating one another. The events are great for business (added revenue) and we get a spike in outside interest due to members blowing up their social media feeds. Bottom line, it keeps people accountable and “the WIN” they experience getting their DEKA Mark is unmatched.”

Sean Michaels, Feelin’ Good Fitness

“DEKA gave us a game changer and a way to differentiate from our competitors. With DEKA programming and events we’ve added substantial revenue and new annual memberships. The exposure from Spartan and DEKA has given us a lot of momentum as we move on from this pandemic.”

Sidney Turner, Underlying Strength
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