DEKA Quarterly Challenge

March 1 – March 31

Accept the Challenge!

RAM ⚡JAM Bam-A-Lam Challenge

Equipment required – DEKA approved Tank Sled & Spartan RAM (44/22/11)

2 person teams – male, female, co-ed, & youth (10-13) divisions


Top male, female, co-ed and youth teams win a case of PWR LIFT

Biggest team wins a gold Spartan RAM!

Competition & Rules

Start timer

Teammate 1 – Tank Push/Pull down & back x 1 (10 meter push down & 10 meter pull back)

Teammate 2 – Complete as many Spartan RAM Burpees as possible while teammate 1 is completing Tank Push/Pull.

Once Tank Push/Pull is complete the 2 teammates swap positions (this completes 1 round).

Continue repeating until a total of 400 meters of Tank Push/Pull is completed (20 rounds).



All current DEKA Zone 9 & 10 rules apply for this DEKA Quarterly Challenge

Co-ed teams are allowed to have someone helping swap resistance (not required)

A Spartan RAM Burpee rep completed after each of the first 19 Tank Push/Pull down & backs are completed will count toward total burpee reps.

A Spartan RAM Burpee rep completed after the 20th Tank Push/Pull down & back is completed will not count toward total burpee reps.


Scoring & Judging 


Total seconds to complete 400 meters of Tank Push/Pull & subtract total Spartan RAM Burpees completed from total seconds = score


10:30 to complete 400 meters = 630 seconds

120 Spartan RAM Burpees completed

630 minus 120 = 510



A minimum of one judge is required for each team. 

The judge will need a score sheet to documents 20 rounds of Spartan RAM Burpee reps & mark off each completed Tank Push/Pull down & back reps (20 total)

The judge is also responsible for calculating the final score.


Special Thanks to Our Challenge Partners!


PWR LIFT, The Official Protein Water of DEKA, will provide winners with a variety 12-pack, hat and t-shirt

The DEKA Affiliate who gets the most teams to participate (with times posted to the leaderboard) will receive a gold Spartan RAM Trophy from Recycle and Move.

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