DEKA Quarterly Challenge


March 1 – March 31


It’s time to get trained up on the two newest movement standard updates for 2024!

Equipment required – RAMs (55/44/33/22lb) & air bike

*11lb required if Youth (10-13) teams are involved

2 person teams – male, female, co-ed, and youth (10-13 divisions)




Duration: 12 minutes 

The Challenge:

For the first 6 minute period the team will complete as many RAM Alternating Reverse Lunge reps as possible.  Teammates will swap every minute on the minute.

*Male – 55lb / Female & 65+ Male – 33lb / Female 65+ & Youth (10-13) – 22lb)

For the second 6 minute period (clock continues to run) the team will complete as many RAM Burpee reps as possible.  Teammates will swap every minute on the minute

*Male – 44lb / Female & 65+ Male – 22lb / Youth (10-13) – 11lb

Chance for bonus points:

During the last 2 minutes of the challenge the team can accumulate as many calories on the air bike as possible.  


Total reps completed in 12 minutes + total calories on the air bike during the last 2 minutes = total score 


Only approved DEKA equipment is allowed (DEKA.FIT website – Equipment page or Affiliate Playbook for approved equipment list)

Updated 2024 Rulebook standards outlined for DEKA Zones 1 & 10 must be followed.

The challenge must be completed at a DEKA Affiliate location or at a location where a DEKA Affiliate is hosting the challenge.

Competitors DO NOT have to be a member of the DEKA Affiliate location

During the RAM Alternating Reverse Lunge & RAM Burpee reps the same mat/rep completion area must be used.  

During the last 2 minutes when air bike bonus points can be gained, the every minute on the minute teammate rotation must be maintained.

*Rollover Air Bike calories count toward total score. If the bike counts in tenths, .4 rounds down & .5 rounds up.


A minimum of one judge is required for each team.  The gym affiliate will have access to the score submission link and are responsible for submitting scores.  *Competitors are not authorized to enter their own scores.  


The DEKA Affiliate location who has the most team entries on the leaderboard will receive:

  • (1) year free subscription to Strive. 1 year free subscription will include access to 5 Strive Pods (and 5 Pod Charging Case), 2 Pair of Strive Shorts (intended for coaches/facility owners), and training services. ($3,480 total value)

  • Gold Spartan DEKA RAM Trophy from RAM.

A team can complete the challenge multiple times throughout the challenge month and all submitted marks will be counted toward the gym affiliate’s total entries.


Top Male, Female, Co-Ed and Youth Team Winners will EACH receive (1) pair of Strive shorts and 1 year access to Strive*.  Additionally, the facility with which the winning team trains will receive 3 months free of Strive. This will include (5) Strive Pods (and 5 Pod Charging Case) and training services. ($1350 total value)

* ongoing facility subscription required for use

** in the case where multiple winning teams originate from the same DEKA facility, Strive will extend the facility’s prize by an additional 3 month period. For purposes of clarity, if 2 teams originate from the same facility the prize awarded to the facility will increase from (3) months to (6) months.


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