November 24 – December 31!

Accept the Challenge!

The DEKA STRONG 4X4 Challenge is a team challenge with 4 members per team. It features all 10 DEKA Zones and is for all levels of fitness.

There are 4 team options – male, female, co-ed (2 females & 2 males), and youth (10-13).

You can participate in the challenge anytime from November 24 – December 31, 2022 at our official DEKA Affiliate locations (no membership required).

Our challenges are a great way to get a taste of DEKA, so invite your friends or family and encourage them to give DEKA a try! 

Competition & Rules


  • Standard DEKA STRONG reps, meters, and cals are quadrupled.
  • 2 teammates start on zones 1 & 2 and 2 teammates start on zones 9 & 10.
  • The teams of 2 complete zone requirements and advance until they meet somewhere in the middle.
  • Reps, meters, and cals can be divided up however the 4 team members decide.
  • While advancing toward the center, zones can NOT be skipped.
  • Teammates are allowed to swap sides at any time but during the process of merging in the middle, it must remain 2 teams of 2 working to merge together in the middle.
  • Once the final zone is complete, the challenge is complete.
  • Teammates must follow all DEKA STRONG movement standards

Scoring & Judging 


Total time to complete all zones

4 judges are required 

Zone requirements:
Zone 1 – 120 reps

Zone 2 – 2000 meters

Zone 3 – 80 reps

Zone 4 – 100 reps

Zone 5 – 2000 meters

Zone 6 – 400 meters

Zone 7 – 100 cals

Zone 8 – 80 reps

Zone 9 – 400 meters

Zone 10 – 80 reps



Special Thanks to Our Challenge Partner!


PWR LIFT, The Official Protein Water of DEKA, will provide winners with a variety 12-pack, hat and t-shirt and the DEKA Affiliate who gets the most teams to participate (with times posted to the leaderboard) will receive a gold Spartan RAM Trophy.

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