November 25 – December 31: Members vs Machines!

Accept the Challenge!

  • Built a team of 4 members. There are 3 team options – Male, Female, and Co-Ed (2 men & 2 women).
  • Utilizing the same line of equipment, all four members of your team will complete DEKA Zones 2 (500m Rower), 5 (500m Ski), 7 (25cal Air Bike), & 9 (100m Tank Push/Pull) as fast as possible.
  • There’re 2 ways of winning: the Engagement Prize will go to the DEKA Affiliate Gym with the largest number of teams and Performance Prizes will go to members of the Male, Female and Co-Ed teams with the fastest times.
  • DEKA Affiliate Gyms: build as many team as possible. Friends that aren’t members of your gym are more than welcome!

The Challenge


  • Start the timer.
  • The 1st team member starts the competition with Row x 500m.
  • The moment the 1st team member transfers to Ski x 500m, the 2nd team member will start the Row.
  • The moment the 1st team member transfers to the Air Bike x 25cal, if the 2nd team member has finished the Row, they will transfer to Ski, and the 3rd team member will start the Row. 
  • The moment the 1st team members transfers to the Tank x 100m, if the 2nd team member is finished with the Ski, they will transfer to the Air Bike, if the 3rd team member is finished the Row, they will transfer to the Ski, and the 4th team member will start the Row.
  • This process continues until every team member has completed all 4 zones in order (2/5/7/9).
  • The moment the 4th team member completes the Tank, the timer is stopped – the total time is the team’s score.
  • When the entire team of 4 is finished, the following totals should be completed: Row x 2000m, Ski x 2000m, Air Bike x 100cals, Tank x 400m.
  • Rollover meters and calories are counted toward the team total. For example, the 1st team member leaves the Row after reaching 500m and it rolls over to 520m during team member transition time. The 2nd Team member will NOT reset the console back to 0.  They will begin at 520m and row until they reach 1000m.
  • The moment each team member reaches the required meters or calories for reach zone, they are required to leave the zone. This may leave a team member in a position where they are waiting to begin the next zone because the team member in front of them hasn’t finished their zone.
  • Teams can participate in the DEKA Holiday Challenge from November 25 – December 31 at our official DEKA Affiliate locations.
  • For Youth 10-13 Team Division use the same DEKA Zone 2/5/7/9 modifications used for all DEKA STRONG & DEKA MILE events.

“I love how DEKA truly tests my physical AND mental fitness, all while putting me in a competitive atmosphere. The energy of the other athletes pushing themselves helps motivate you to give it everything you’ve got! Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced- it’s you VS. you out there… nothing like DEKA!”

Renee Pickett, DEKA FIT Atlanta

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