Spartan DEKA Partners With Camp Gladiator To Provide Fitness Events For Members Across The U.S.

Spartan DEKA, leaders in hybrid fitness racing events and testing for ALL levels, announced a partnership with Camp Gladiator (CG) to become the exclusive event host and start line for their thousands of CG members, athletes, and community nationwide.

Going forward, all DEKA events, along with Spartan Race and Tough Mudder obstacle races, will be official Camp Gladiator fitness competition events.

Additionally, select DEKA Gym Affiliates in Camp Gladiator markets will now have the opportunity to host unique co-branded events where their members and community can celebrate the power of testing their fitness alongside CG members.

To date, 300+ DEKA Gym Affiliates across the United States have held over 1,300 DEKA STRONG & DEKA MILE events that include individual, team, and ruck competitions. In 2024, there will be 750+ DEKA events in the U.S. Every DEKA finisher earns a DEKA Mark (finishing time) that lives on a Global Leaderboard, and every DEKA event is an official DEKA World Championship qualifier.

As the leader in outdoor group fitness, Camp Gladiator provides over 28,000 monthly workouts for their members in thousands of locations across the U.S. This partnership creates greatly expanded opportunities for trainers and members alike to train with a purpose, step up to a start line, and compete in a globally recognized sport that is truly for ALL fitness levels.

“It’s an epic day when you can say you’ve officially partnered with a fitness industry leader like CG who’s on a mission to positively impact the health and fitness, and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible,” says Yancy Culp, Spartan DEKA’s Co-Founder and Director of Sport. “Better Together is the CG way, and we’re so excited to announce our official partnership.”

“Spartan and DEKA align with CG in that we believe that all fitness levels, all ages, and all people should challenge themselves to accomplish more than they thought possible,” says Ally Davidson, Camp Gladiator’s CEO and Co-Founder. “This partnership creates even more opportunities for CG trainers and their members to train throughout the year to see their goals come to fruition.”

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About Spartan DEKA

Spartan DEKA is the decathlon of hybrid fitness racing, featuring standardized and gamified fitness tests, events, training, and competition designed to allow ALL levels the opportunity to celebrate the power of fitness. DEKA stands out in the field as an innovator through the DEKA Affiliate Program, providing fitness business operators the opportunity to earn revenue through hosting official Spartan DEKA events, challenges, and classes inside their brick and mortar facilities. With 10-30 events each weekend and 1,000+ annual events worldwide, DEKA has opened the door for people of all walks of life to train, test, and thrive in what has now become a globally recognized sport. To learn more, visit Instagram | Facebook

About Camp Gladiator

Founded in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, CG is a fitness movement dedicated to transforming lives through fun and challenging workouts led by certified personal trainers who inspire members to discover their best selves. CG offers outdoor and online workouts for all fitness levels and nutrition coaching to help members reach their health goals. In addition to offering world-class workouts, CG operates as an entrepreneurial platform for trainers nationwide to build their own businesses while tapping into CG’s well-known brand and network of clients. To learn more, visit Instagram | Facebook