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Spartan DEKA is the decathlon of hybrid fitness racing, featuring standardized and gamified fitness tests, events, training, and competition designed to allow ALL levels the opportunity to celebrate the power of fitness. With 1,000+ annual events worldwide, DEKA has opened the door for people of all walks of life to train, test, and thrive in a globally recognized sport.


The DEKA Science

The Greeks were the first on record to gamify and test fitness and the Greek term DEKA means Ten.

With our 10 DEKA Zones, we’re  providing a well rounded functional test for all levels of fitness. Every zone is based on rudimentary movements that don’t require any specific training or education to complete. Think thousands of years ago when it wasn’t called exercise, fitness, or training. It was survival. Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, kneeling, jumping/stepping/climbing over something, getting down on the ground and standing back up, and three basic forms of transportation – row, ski, & cycle.


Training with purpose before and in between each DEKA Mark test/event provides an opportunity for every level of fitness to improve in these 10 functional areas of movement. As DEKA Marks (time/score) improve, well rounded fitness and health & wellness improves.

The zone sequence and flow is designed to start with basic movements throughout the early zones that when combined target the entire body and then finish with zones 6-10 with the last 5 requiring 100% full body focus for each zone.

Why Should YOU Compete?

DEKA events are not just a competition, they are a milestone of your fitness journey. In the same arena, on the same day, using the exact standards, every level of fitness can come together and celebrate fitness.

Having an event on your calendar can be a game changer for your motivation – now you’re not exercising anymore, you’re training with a purpose!

The Benefits of Testing

Initial DEKA testing provides a benchmark. Consistent training will improve your fitness level. Periodic testing will provide proof that the time you’ve invested in your training has improved your fitness. Keeping a DEKA re-test/event on the calendar helps to ensure training adherence. No matter what your current fitness level is, you are an athlete who trains with the purpose of becoming a stronger version of yourself every time you get a new DEKA mark.

“I love how DEKA truly tests my physical AND mental fitness, all while putting me in a competitive atmosphere. The energy of the other athletes pushing themselves helps motivate you to give it everything you’ve got! Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced- it’s you VS. you out there… nothing like DEKA!”

Renee Pickett, DEKA FIT Atlanta

“Whenever I tell friends and family I’m doing this kind of stuff (DEKA), they think I’m a little crazy, but I tell them Anybody can do it. It’s fun, you feel accomplished… and it just makes you feel powerful.”

Amanda, DEKA STRONG Liberty Hill

“DEKA has been a game changer for my fitness. The workouts made me stronger, the competitions brought my motivation to a new level.”

Nelson, DEKA MILE New Jersey


The DEKA Mark is a new standard of testing designed to establish an objective baseline of fitness that motivates us to consistently push our bodies. It’s standardized, allowing you to improve over time and compare your results to all DEKA athletes around the world.

DEKA is for all levels of fitness with a common goal of improving exercise adherence and celebrating fitness. To provide fitness benchmarks and celebrate fitness improvements, DEKA provides 3 testing and competition opportunities with DEKA STRONG, DEKA MILE, and DEKA FIT. All 3 provide our 10 functional fitness zones (DEKA Zones) which are based on rudimentary movements.  They are a well-rounded, low barrier of entry experience for beginners while also providing an exceptional test for high level athletes.


DEKA gamification occurs with DEKA Marks (scores) populating the DEKA global leaderboards and t-shirts and medals are provided to competitors. With consistent DEKA training and periodic re-testing, DEKA Marks (scores) improve.

In the same arena (our affiliate gyms and venues), on the same day, using the same fitness equipment, all levels come together and celebrate fitness.

We make celebrating fitness fun and enjoyable for all.

Divide and conquer the DEKA FIT course together!


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