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DEKA offers world class functional fitness events, training and programming for ALL levels and genres of fitness. Our team will provide you with all the support you need to host events, engage clients for unique challenges and maximize overall business performance.

Join us on our mission to impact 100 million lives.

  • Host your own DEKA fitness event at your facility!
  • Generate additional revenue and attract new members.
  • Improve member retention and exercise adherence.
  • Create memorable experiences for ALL levels of fitness.
  • 10X your Member Community.
  • Partner with a global brand.

Affiliate Benefits

DEKA Business Support
Usage of DEKA Name, Logo and Brand
Facility Branded Promotional Code ($20 Commission per Registration)
Private Facebook Community Page Access
Monthly Business Support and Networking Calls
DEKA Programming
DEKA Training System
DEKA Challenges
Up to 60% Revenue Share for Hosted Events
Gamification and Leaderboard
DEKA Event Support
1 Free Online SGX L1 Certification ($595 Value)
Website Link to Gym Finder Page


“DEKA gave us a game changer and a way to differentiate from our competitors. With DEKA programming and events we’ve added substantial revenue and new annual memberships. The exposure from Spartan and DEKA has given us a lot of momentum as we move on from this pandemic.”

Sidney Turner, Underlying Strength

“DEKA brings excitement to our facility and it gets members motivating one another. The events are great for business (added revenue) and we get a spike in outside interest due to members blowing up their social media feeds. Bottom line, it keeps people accountable and “the WIN” they experience getting their DEKA Mark is unmatched.”

Sean Michaels, Feelin’ Good Fitness

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a cost to become a DEKA Affiliate?

    Yes, the Affiliate fee is $159.00 USD/month.

  • What are the facility requirements to become an Affiliate?

    Any fitness facility with a minimum 12m x 8m (1000 sqft) of open space to accommodate the 10 DEKA Zones is suited for affiliation.

  • Are there equipment requirements to become an Affiliate?

    Yes, but only some DEKA Zones require specific brand/models: Spartan RAM (22, 33, 44, 55LB), Rower (Concept II, TechnoGym, Perform Better, Assault Rower, or Xebex Air Rower), 24” Plyobox (foam or wood), Medballs (14, 20LB), Skier (Concept II or Perform Better), Dumbbells (40, 60LB sets), Air Bike (Assault Fitness, ROGUE, Xebex Air Bike), Deadballs (40, 60LB), Tank/ Sled (Torque Tank M4, Torque Tank MX or Xebex XT3 PLUS Sled with 160lb added to XT3 PLUS during competitions).

  • Can we purchase equipment through DEKA?

    Affiliates can take advantage of discounts and other oppoortunities with DEKA partner brands by contacting

Affiliate Toolkit

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Next Steps for new DEKA Affiliates

Are you a new DEKA Affiliate? Find helpful tips and forms to finalize your Affiliation on our DEKA Affiliate Welcome Page: