DEKA Quarterly Challenge

Q2 Challenge coming soon and is hosted by DEKA Affiliate Gyms worldwide!

launch dates

Q2 Challenge Details Released May 1st (Challenge runs June 1st-30th)

Q3 Challenge Details Released August 1st (Challenge runs September 1st-30th)

Q4 Challenge Details Released November 1st (Challenge runs Thanksgiving Day – December 31st)

2024 Q1 Challenge Details Released February 1st (Challenge runs March 1st-31st)

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Special Thanks to Our Challenge Partners!

PWR LIFT, The Official Protein Water of DEKA, will provide winners with a variety 12-pack, hat and t-shirt

The DEKA Affiliate who gets the most teams to participate (with times posted to the leaderboard) will receive a gold Spartan RAM Trophy from Recycle and Move.

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